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Through a water flushing and rotary drilling action, the Conco HydroDrilling system is the fastest and most effective way to remove difficult deposits from the inside of heat exchanger tubes, chemical reactors, condensers, re-boilers and absorbers. The revolutionary HydroDrill™ high-torque cleaning system removes obstructions from any type of tube ranging from 3/8” to 6” in diameter and up to 40’ in length” to “3/8” to 2-1/2” in diameter and up to 60’ in length. It can effectively clean hard deposits such as coke, calcium, sulfur, bauxite, asphalt, oxides and baked-on hard polymers. Completely blocked tubes can be restored to 100% of the original tube I.D. The HydroDrill is fast, typically cleaning 20-foot long tubes in 30 to 90 seconds each. Experienced HydroDrilling crews from Conco complete jobs safely, on time and within budget.



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Conco Services LLC -Texas Operations

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