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Hanna’s EQ Series Dryers are all about high efficiency and low energy while keeping it easy and simple. Hanna’s take on this conventional drying system is aimed at quality of manufacture and the quantity of air flow while using the least amount of energy. Hanna’s Hi-Flow round nozzle design provides a smooth transition of air flow from the scrolled producers directly through to the vehicle surface. The most popular 10 HP producer delivers performance similar to other 15 HP producers. Hanna’s 7.5 HP EQ producers are not only efficient but provide tremendous drying power onto the vehicle sides, mirrors, and rocker panel areas. The ease of mounting and various configurations provides many operational designs to accomplish desired results. Hanna’s nozzles and plenums are designed to reduce air turbulence and increase performance. Each single frame arch can mount up to 5 producers.



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Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems

Coleman Hanna Carwash Systems

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