Containers are back logged into the timing screw and are timed directly into the overcapper captivator blocks, never fully releasing the container. The captivator blocks are used to support the container during the cap application as well as maintain the shape of the container. A table-top chain conveyor is required to convey containers through the center of the overcapper. Equipment shown with spinning rod cap feeder.

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Continuous motion rotary lid/plug application system featuring an in-feed timing-screw drive to ensure a smooth transfer of the container into the in-feed star-wheel and guide assembly. Cam-actuated chucks are utilized to apply the lid/plug to the container in a controlled, precise manner. A centering star is used (most cases) to precisely align the lid/plug with the container as it is being applied to the container.  Available with a 24 or 36 inch turret to meet your production needs.



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Del Packaging Ltd.

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