2023 Tailift Z Series 4.0-5.0T ZFD 40P

Product Details

Internal Combustion Forklifts Pneumatic Tire

Features may include:

Multifunctional Instrument Panel

  • Easy read instrument panel installs in between steering wheel and left front side wind shield. It display the status of forklift performance without interfering by steering wheel operations

Adjustable Steering Wheel Column

  • The easy-handling steering wheel column with tilt adjustment helps to provide the ideal operating position and improve performance.

Electric F/R Control Lever

  • Integral forward/reverse & direction lever offers easy shifting between forward and reverse while keeping both hands on the wheel. It is easy to reach and fast to change direction.

Mechanical Handbrake

  • Hand brake is equipped with micro switch to aviod inproper touch accidently and to ensure the safety.



Engine Manufacturer KUBOTA V3307

Engine Power 55.4@2400 kW/rpm


Operating Speed Travel (Laden / Unladen): 12 mph / 16 mph | Lift (Laden / Unladen): 94.5 fpm / 98.4 fpm


Turning Radius 106 in

Length 123 in

Width 58.7 in

Height (Overhead guard): 89 in


Load Capacity, Land 8800 lbs



Manufacturer Part Number (MPN):

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American Lift & Equipment, Inc.

VerifiedAmerican Lift & Equipment, Inc.

Top Product:Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklifts, C-Series 2WD and 4WD Rough Terrain Forklifts, Articulated Loader Lift

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