2023 Tailift Z Series 3 Wheel ZFBT20

Product Details



Battery (Min capacity): 505 AH/5HR


Operating Speed Travel (Laden / Unladen): 8 mph / 8.6 mph | Lift (Laden / Unladen): 59 fpm / 92.5 fpm


Turning Radius 62.6 in

Length 79.9 in

Width 42.9 in

Height (Overhead guard): 82.3 in


Load Capacity, Land 4000 lbs

Electric Forklifts

Features may include:

Multifunctional LCD Instrument Panel

  • A large and easy-to-read multifunctional LCD panel is ergonomic designed for the operator

Advanced AC Controller System

  • Front Dual Drive Motor Reduce Small Turning Radius (Standard for FBT)

Hydraulic Lock Out System

  • Our new hydraulic lock out system option which automatically lock off all hydraulic functions and transmission drive if it has not detected the presence of the operator.

Hydraulic Control

  • The ergonomic design of levers is provide the prefect positions for operator‘s hand without causing any extra stress.



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American Lift & Equipment, Inc.

VerifiedAmerican Lift & Equipment, Inc.

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