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The Good Trade PH Packaging
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About Us

When it comes to changing the world, even one person can have an impact. But when it comes to doing the hard work of adjusting lifestyle choices that matter, it can often seem so difficult that we don't know where to start. This is where The Good Trade comes in.

We gather purpose-driven and sustainable brands and NGOs under one awesome platform in the Philippines so that individuals can create positive social impact without fuss. 

 We seek to connect, inspire and empower a community to live a lifestyle with simplicity and honesty at its core.
A thoughtful platform
Our Mission
In The Good Trade, we believe that we can live a life that’s good and does good! We made it our mission to gather brands with the same philosophy so that you can shop purposefully and sustainably without fuss.
What’s more? We share thoughtful stories, doable solutions and meaningful conversations with our community for a truly inspired and intentional lifestyle.
Our Vision
The Good Trade is dedicated to catalyzing systemic change on how consumers value products and consume media. Hopefully one day, embracing an eco-ethical ethos becomes a standard rather than as an add on.
Core Values