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Drilltec Technologies Corp.

Drilltec Technologies Corp.


6401 N. Eldridge Pkwy.

Houston, TX 77041


(713) 939-7711


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For over three decades Drilltec has been the leader in innovating, engineering, and manufacturing critical protection products for the OCTG market. Drilltec revolutionized the thread protector industry by creating the first industry approved, non-metallic thread protectors. Prior to Drilltec’s entrance into the OCTG market almost all thread protectors in the industry were manufactured from steel. The Company’s new age thread protectors brought significant advantages to the OCTG market including protection against thread galling and bi-metal corrosion while also providing an easily recyclable alternative to steel protectors. As composite thread protectors gained industry wide acceptance in the 1980’s, the company was able to expand by moving to a new manufacturing facility and establishing a sales force in the United States in 1985.

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Protectors, Composite, Econo-Rap Systems

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Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment

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