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Burgess Manufacturing Ltd.

Burgess Manufacturing Ltd.


11431 Charles Rd. Jersey Village,

Houston, TX 77041


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The operation of the Burgess Magna-Vac Degasser® is both effective and efficient. The gas-cut mud is drawn into the degasser by a vacuum created by a regenerative vacuum/blower. The mud enters the vacuum chamber of the degasser through a rotating tubular body that has rectangular windows in its wall. Mud accelerator vanes, located within the rotor near the windows, radially spray the mud outward at a high velocity (i.e., 20 feet per second) across the degasser's vacuum chamber impinging it against the outside wall of the circular vessel. The agitation and turbulence created by this constant impinging action allows the oxygen and gas to separate from the mud.

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Burgess Magna-Vac Degassers

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Industrial Machinery & Support Equipment, Machine Tool Equipment, Machinery & Equipment

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3533 — Oil and gas field machinery

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