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We have 3 CNC Multi-torch Oxy-fueled burning machines giving us the capacity to handle large orders of thick steel plate parts efficiently. The combination of our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced burners provide absolute repeatability for ferrous steels up to 21″ thick. We can meet your projects’ most stringent requirements while offering competitive pricing and quick turn around times.

Our experience and expertise in burning precision flame cut Gear Rack with ultra-high tolerances has allowed us to implement processes to ensure the highest quality parts for every project. We are known for our high quality thick plate parts not only in the Greater Houston Area, but Globally.

Whether you are needing AR Wear Plate, ASTM, ASME or NACE material we have an inventory system set up to meet your quick delivery needs.



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Global Fabrication Services, Inc.

Global Fabrication Services, Inc.

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