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DynaSlot perforating systems incorporate unique slotted charges configured in a helical, overlapping pattern. The systems ensure the entire circumference of a well’s inner casing string is penetrated, and all voids, channels and microannuli in the surrounding cement are intersected.

The DynaSlot system significantly improves the performance of cement squeeze operations when compared to conventional perforating products, which often require multiple perforating and squeeze attempts separated by lengthy wait times for leak testing.

DynaSlot is also substantially less time consuming than other 360° access methods such as section milling and slot cutting with abrasives. The one-and-done DynaSlot system also can significantly reduce rig-time and plugging costs, improve cement placement and eliminate concerns over future leaking.



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DynaEnergetics US, Inc.

DynaEnergetics US, Inc.

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