ARC-11D Sand Control Screen Manufacturing

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The ARC-11D Drilling Machine consists of a reinforced steel base that supports a servo-driven vertical lift bed. The lift bed supports the perforated pipe as well as a servo-driven headstock with a self-centering 3-jaw lathe chuck. Headstock centerline adjustment and pipe horizontal positioning are completely programmable and are servo-controlled for accurate drill positioning. The machine bed has an integrated coolant recovery system that runs the length of the spindles. The multi-head drilling system incorporates 36 spindles attached to a reinforced backplate.


  • PLC Controls
  • Oper/ag Patterns
  • 36 Drill Spindles (Optional 72 drill bit configuration)
  • Cooling System
  • Full-Length Chip Conveyor
  • Air Hydraulic Spindle Feed (Optional Servo Feed)
  • Flood Coolant for each Spindletor Pendant with LCD Color Display
  • Multiple Programmable Drillin
  • Servo Driven Lift Bed
  • Servo Driven Pipe Rotation
  • Servo Driven Pipe Shift
  • Servo Driven Lathe Chuck Centerline Adjustment



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ARC Specialties, Inc.

ARC Specialties, Inc.

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