AFR-64L Lean-Burn Air-Fuel Control System

Product Details

  • Fast, easy, low-cost installation
  • Fits virtually any lean-burn, spark-ignited, carbureted natural-gas industrial engine
  • Windows-based platform compatible with most computers
  • Software, upgrades and documentation available on disk or online
  • High-speed full-authority butterfly fuel control valves for quick response time
  • Comprehensive 76 fault diagnostics
  • Data plotting for easy, accurate troubleshooting
  • Separate alarm and shut-down dry contact relays
  • Closed loop, exhaust oxygen feedback control
  • Variable set point for exhaust oxygen control delivers real-time response to varying engine loads and transients – perfect for generator-sets and other high-variance applications
  • Catalyst temperature monitoring to protect the catalyst from engine fueling malfunctions



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FW Murphy Production Controls, LLC

FW Murphy Production Controls, LLC

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