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1kg Arabica Coffee Beans – Medium Roast (min 14 kilos)


Beans are imported from Vietnam and are roasted in Lipa, Batangas.


General taste notes: Has a slightly sweet and acidic after taste

Medium Roast: Lighter Taste but More Acidic with Chocolatey Aroma


Lead Time: 7 days from roasting date

Roasting Date: Every Saturday


Storage Guidelines: Beans should be stored in a tightly sealed container and should not be exposed in an open air to maintain its freshness.


Sold per Kilo. No paper bag included.

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Grind Type: Fine, Medium, Course, or Beans



Fine – Boil, Stove Brewing, Aeropress
Medium – Coffee Maker Grind
Coarse – French Press or Percolator
Whole Beans – If you want to grind it yourself

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Packaging Option

Duraplas per KG, Sack

Grind Level

Fine, Medium-Fine, Medium, Medium-Coarse, Coarse, Whole Beans


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